NFPA 70E - Arc Flash Training 11/11/2013 01:48 PM
  February 28, 2005
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February 24, 2005
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What is arc flash?

Arc flash NFPA 70E is the standard that addresses electrical safety requirements for employees. It focuses on preventing death and injury from fire and burns. Main aim is to provide protection to workers based on the potential energy to which they could be exposed. It provides multiple methods by which the employer can calculate or estimate the hazard or risk. It covers electrical safety issues like safety related work practices, maintenance of electrical equipment / installations, and requirement of special equipment for electrical installation.

Working with electricity is a high risk job. If you are an electrician, engineer or need to work directly with electricity, you ought to be aware of OSHA electrical safety regulations and making sure you comply with them. OSHA electrical safety has stringent standards that are specifically designed to protect you against electrocution, electric shock, explosions and fires. There are specific electrical standards for marine terminals, shipyards and general industries.
OSHA arc flash training focuses on the hazards that are generally associated with electrical equipment and installations and enables employees to minimize the risks.

Arc Flash protective clothing can be defined as safety clothing or flame resistant clothing (FRC Clothing) that are designed that meets the NFPA 70E standards and have verified as thermal performance value and it helps in at most security of the employees from electrical arc hazards. It acts as a layer of protection between you and heat flowing out from an electrical enclosure. This protection gear is rated in calories per square centimeter .

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