EPA and State Department of Health Renovator Rule  Learn about the new rule that will affect renovators and property owners of pre-1978 property.
Wisconsin Lead Wisconsin Asbestos DHS161

Rule went into effect April 22, 2010!                         Resource Directory for Renovators
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A very quick summary of the rule:
The rule applies to pre-1978 residential property and child occupied facilities (day care centers and kindergartens.  The rule goes into effect when greater than 6 sqft on the interior or 20 sqft on the exterior are disturbed.  Demolition and Window work are always included.  This now applies to work conducted for private homeowners by contractors.

One person per crew needs to complete a Lead Safe Renovator course.  This person can go back and train the rest of the crew.  Lead Safe work practices need to be used by everyone - including using a HEPA vacuum.  The Certified Renovator needs to be onsite when signs are posted, when containment is being set up, during clearance and for the cleaning verification at the end.

People that have attended a one day Lead Safe worker in the past will need to complete a 8 hour class if they want to become a Certified Renovator.  On Federally funded HUD jobs- as in the past, everyone onsite will need to have completed a one day class - either the previous Lead Safe Worker OR the new Lead Safe Renovator.  At least one person will need to be a Lead Safe Renovator.  On HUD jobs, clearance (wipe sampling by a consultant) will be conducted.   On non-HUD jobs, the new cleaning verification needs to be used.

For abatement workers and supervisors:  if they want to work on renovation projects after April 22, 2010, they can either attend a 4 hour Lead Safe Renovator Refresher or attend their abatement refresher early (they will not lose time if they take the abatement refresher early).

Please feel free to call or email our office joan@mlaic.com or 414-481-9070.
Please contact the Wisconsin Department of Health 608-261-6876 if you have questions about becoming a certified Lead Safe Renovator or getting your firm certified as a Lead Safe Firm. 
Wisconsin Lead Wisconsin Asbestos DHS161

Trifold pamphlet from EPA describing what equipment and work practices are required for contractors

Press release  describes the release of the EPA rule

Small Entity Compliance Guide to Renovation Repair and Painting Rule  Excellent guide to entire rule - large print and pictures, too!

Actual rule  federal register publication with EPA rule  (also see DHS163 for the state version of the rule)

New Brochure  Renovate Right is now distributed at the time of renovation (not Protect Your Family)

Sample Checklist
There are many recordkeeping requirements under the new rule.  This will help to keep track.

Order form for New brochure from Wisconsin Legal Blank 
used to order Renovator Right  

Federal Register detailing new brochure

Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair & Painting  Document used for the rest of the crew that does not attend the Certified Renovator Class

State of Wisconsin Certification Application-Individual

State of Wisconsin Company Application

EPA Certified Firm Application

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Wisconsin Lead Wisconsin Asbestos DHS161
Wisconsin Lead Wisconsin Asbestos DHS161